Our terms of trade for account customers is payment by the 20th of the month following invoice.
For more detail please see our conditions which are part of the account application 

Specific Product Operating Conditions

Fall Arrestor Safety Netting

  1. Walking on or entering the safety netting is strictly prohibited. Such action will damage the safety features of the net which will make it non operational and will result in a replacement cost of the net being invoices to the customer.
  2. Sharp objects such as chisels, saw blades, metal strapping and off cuts of metal roofing tiles will cut and damage the nets.
  3. Heavy floor joists and other similar timbers will damage the net – do not use the net as a convenient storage position.
  4. Welding over or near the nets is prohibited as the slag will melt the net fibres rendering the net unserviceable and the replacement being invoiced to the customer.
  5. Obstructions under the net are prohibited. Once the nets are up and people are working above the nets the storing of products underneath including setting up saw bench and the like will interfere with the net deflection. This will reduce the safety effect of the net.
  1. Do not alter or interfere with any of the installed components – this is a safety requirement.
  2. Do not overload the scaffold.
  3. Do not keep debris or unnecessary material on a scaffold where someone could trip over it or knock it off the scaffold on to someone below.
  4. Do not impact the scaffold with anything heavy – truck, crane, forklift or Hiab.
  5. Do not use the scaffold during windy and stormy weather particularly during thunder storms when lightning might electrify the steel scaffold.
  6. Ice and snow can make steel scaffold planks slippery – exercise caution.