Safety Nets are quickly becoming the default standard with construction and building companies across the country in providing fall mitigation.

Our Fall Arrestor Safety Netting operation uses the very best quality netting made by leading Spanish manufacturers.
Our suppliers have achieved the very highest standards of quality control that is available in Europe.
When we install a net at your building site you are assured that this standard is carried all the way through to the finished installed product.
Be that installer training, quality accessories, tools and equipment and the very best in on time completion.
Once you have finished with the netting we are quick to remove the netting so you can get on with scheduling your next construction related task.
Quality throughout is our goal.

We are big enough to cope with the biggest jobs yet small enough to care and achieve your desired outcomes.
We work with the builder and based on the floor plan, we plan and install safety netting to achieve a high level of hazard mitigation as required under the relevant current laws.
With  our CERTIFIED J bracket we quickly prepare the space to receive the netting.
We have developed an installation technique that maximises access to the area above the nets without compromising the building standards.

    Fall arrestor safety nets are made to a vigorously tested standard EN 1263.1 this standard covers the complete manufacturing process and the testing of representative samples from each batch of manufactured net.
    Should you wish to review this standard please contact us


    • All netting is certified to the BS standard. Every net must have a tag permanently attached that identifies the net by serial number and includes date of manufacture and date of the next test. 
    • Test strips are attached to the net and one is removed every 12 months and tested for strength. When passed and additional tag is attached to the net which must bear the net identification markings.
    • Any attachment method must be capable of supporting a load of 600Kg pull at an angle of 45 degree’s.
    • The joining of any two nets must be conducted within the appropriate standard – these are quite specific.
    • All our installers are trained and certified

    Do’s and Dont’s of Safety Netting

    DON’T walk on the nets. walking on the nets stretches the mesh and therefore renders the mesh less effective in absorbing the energy created by the person falling into the net. Interference of this nature contravenes the Health and Safety Act and may lead to penalties being applied by the regulatory authorities. Superior Hire will charge for any safety nets so damaged.

    DON’T place sharp object on the nets. Skill saws, chisels, steel strapping and anything similar. These object knick the thread and each thread cut reduces the nets effectiveness in absorbing the energy of a falling person. Superior Hire will charge for any safety nets so damaged.

    DON’T remove the brackets. These are placed in such a manner so as to be certain the installation complies with the relevant standards and ensuring the safety of all those working on the site.