Superior Hire Ltd has invested heavily in expanding and standardising its hire fleet of portable toilets.
Our Portable Loos come in two categories – Flushing and Non Flushing.  
All our Portable Loos come equipped for your convenience with:

  • Twin toilet tissue dispensers – in normal use you will never run out
  • Foaming sanitizer or soap – easy on your hands

Wheel chair access
We can supply units suitable for wheel chair access. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Long term hire
If you have a long term requirement then call us and discuss what exactly you need. With our many years experience in the business we can guide and advise you as to the best item.
We supply long term to:
Market gardens
Processing factories
Construction and building sites

Short term hire
We hire Portable Loos for the weekend, overnight or for that short term bathroom renovation.

Peak Demand
Do you have a seasonal demand or a peak of activity?
We can supply additional Portable Loos
We can also supply additional servicing for your Portable Loos – call us to discuss your requirements

Portable Loo servicing
We have a fleet of trucks that cover Auckland from Omaha in the North to Hamilton in the South and most points in between.
Your Portable Loo needs servicing approximately every 7 days and our roster covers all of Auckland so we can ensure your Portable Loo is kept in the best hygienic condition.


Imaged is the top of the line Elite Flushing toilet.
This unit comes complete with:

  • Hand wash basin – foot pump activated for your convenience
  • Antiseptic hand soap
  • Flushable hand towels – no messy waste baskets needed 
  • Twin Jumbo toilet roll dispenser – you will never run out with normal use
  • Toilet bowl is self sealing with foot pump activated flushing


    Non Flushing Toilet
    This unit comes equipped with:

    • Twin Jumbo roll toilet roll dispenser – you will never run out with normal use
    • Foaming hand sanitizer – no hand towels required
    • de-odour discs – note the small donut object on the back wall

    We are number 1 in portable toilets. We provide quality service.  
    Call us for fast delivery and pick up.

    We have a fleet of NEW service trucks that carry Portable Loos which enables us to organise quick and effective delivery to your work site, office or event site.

    We also have a fleet of trucks that are capable of separate delivery and pick up services which allows us to pick up the very next day.

    We have a variety of rental options with no minimum and no maximum.  

    Our varied brands and extensive range give you greater flexibility and more options to meet your needs.  

    A tailored maintenance schedule will be provided to ensure your event or venue is catered for as requested.  This arrangement can be altered to a greater or lesser frequency as your situation changes.